Founded in Newport Beach by California native, Christina Hsu George.

Having lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County, Christina draws her inspiration from fashion forward cities that embody the colorful, trendy, and effortless California style. Flower Child Hair inspires women everywhere to indulge in their whimsical side. We are dedicated to bringing statement-making hair accessories that grab attention and instantly plays up any plain hairstyle. Clients of Flower Child Hair proudly wear our hairpieces on the street, at a music festival, by the beach, and at their best friendโ€™s weddings.


Wear with care! Flower Child Hair was started to promote the trend for practicing sustainability in fashion. Wear our statement-making hairpieces that produce instant flair, while knowing that with our product you are limiting your environmental footprint. Currently, the textile industry uses large quantities of water to mass-produce large quantities of fabric. This is often done with disregard to the environmental impact it creates, as water is already a globally scarce resource. The waste generated as a result of the usage and disposability of textiles also creates an environmental concern. At Flower Child Hair, we use leftover, existing fabric in the market that has already been produced, and would have otherwise gone to waste to make our products. Flower Child Hair accessories are re-useable and use little fabric to produce a big impact demonstrating that fashion statements can be made with sustainability in mind.

Our carefully crafted, handmade products feature delicate and pretty flowers and can be found here online as well as in select chic boutiques nationwide especially throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, California.


We're known for our pretty & versatile accessories. Perfect for any occasion.

Watch Our Video - One versatile floral accessory provides unlimited ways to wear as featured in Seventeen Magazine

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