Our Favorite Flower Child on TV

Lethal Weapon, the TV show, premieres tonight 9/21 on Fox. Tune in to see our favorite flower child Chandler Kinney starring as Riana Murtaugh. 

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Why is Chandler Kinney our favorite flower child on TV? Not only is she sweet and talented, but she absolutely radiates positivity. Just follow her on social media and it's apparent how genuine she is when she interacts with her fans. From starring on Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street and as Vanessa on Girl Meets World, it's easy to see why fans of Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard are also a fan of Chandler Kinney.

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Besides starring on great roles on TV, she also has a great message to share with anyone who has struggled with hardships. Read below for an excerpt of one of her interviews:

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"There is a lot of power in positivity." - Chandler Kinney

She is a great role model for young females and a joy to work with during our Flower Child Hair collaboration with her. 

Chandler Kinney wearing our Flower Child Hair Peace Braid-In Hair 'Peace' Accessory. Click image to shop the accessory she is wearing. 

Chandler Kinney wearing our Flower Child Hair Peace Braid-In Hair 'Peace' Accessory. Click image to shop the accessory she is wearing. 

We think she looks beautiful wearing Flower Child Hair and Chandler Kinney feels similarly wearing our accessory as well:

Chandler Kinney on Flower Child Hair.jpg

Chandler makes us want to radiate with positivity, and we're happy we can make Chandler want to dance in the sunlight with our accessories. We can't wait to see more of Chandler Kinney now that she's starring in Lethal Weapon. Tune in every Wednesday night on Fox! 

Kassinka x Flower Child Hair Blog Feature

We adore Kassandra's style and especially how she braids her hair! She is the Blogger and YouTuber behind the creative fashion blog Kassinka. Of course, we were even more impressed when we saw how Kassandra styled Flower Child Hair accessories on her hair. Click on the image below to read her full blog feature on our Flower Child Hair braid-in hair accessory.

Mini Double Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial using Flower Child Hair Accessories

Kassinka x FCH Mini Hair Tutorial.jpg

Love this look? Try this and tag us on Instagram @flower_child_hair for a chance to be featured!

Our Favorite Braiders on Instagram and YouTube!

We love seeing how creative people can get using Flower Child Hair accessories. Yes, we're often inspired by our talented fans who style our accessories in ways we can only dream of! If you're like us, you're in for a treat!

This is what happens when our favorite braiders on Instagram and YouTube style our 'Flower Child Hair Peace' braid-in accessories into their hair. 


Braids By Jordan

Styling Flower Child Hair Peace in

Purple / Magenta

4-Strand Flower Crown Braid

4-Strand Flower Crown Braid

Half Crown Braid

Half Crown Braid

Hairstyles By Gabby

Styling Flower Child Hair Peace in

Blue / Teal

Classic French Braid

Classic French Braid

Kassandra At Kassinka

Styling Flower Child Hair Peace in

Orange / Nude

Double FIshtail Braid

Double FIshtail Braid

Soft French Braid

Soft French Braid

Want to re-create some of these stunning braided hairstyles? Check our tutorials page for videos. All the accessories featured are available for purchase here: http://flowerchildhair.com/shop/

Let us know your favorite look! 

Flower Child Hair Collaboration with The Prom Project

Flower Power ๐ŸŒผ in the Community

#Flower_Child_Hair and #PromProject๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘—๐ŸŽ€Collaboration at St. Francis Medical Center makes abc7 news!

ABC7 News.jpg

With prom just around the corner, we gave away $1k of our products as well as provided hair demos to youth who might not otherwise be able to afford prom! More information at the St. Francis Medical Center site here.

Check out our video footage of this special event with abc 7 news coverage.

Flower Child Hair in the community.

Small business volunteers and gives away $1,000 worth of hair accessories to raise awareness for the Prom Project.

Flower Child Hair owner talks about collaborating with St. Francis Medical Center to help make prom affordable for girls.At the event, teens have a fun experience learning new styling tips for everyday and prom hair. 

The video includes hair demonstrations and abc7 news coverage of the event.

How to Style Flower Child Hair Accessories Into Your Everyday OOTD

Flowers are symbolic representing themes of beauty, friendship, and love. They are used as centerpieces due to their eye-catching nature. They are often adorned at special events such as weddings, but wearing flowers shouldn't be reserved for just special occasions. Flowers can be worn any and everyday, during any season and time of year. Marla at A Weekend Crossing Blog shows you how to incorporate Flower Child Hair accessories to make your casual outfit pop!

Click here for her full outfit post: http://www.aweekendcrossing.blogspot.com/2014/01/ootd-flannel-floral.html?

Source: http://www.aweekendcrossing.blogspot.com/2...